A successful Marathon training program

With a personal trainer in your Mp3 player

Jiwok has teamed up with the Marathon of Paris to offer you online running advice and marathon training. With our mp3 training programs, you will be encouraged and guided by the voice of a coach mixed with your choice of music! Jiwok can help you achieve your goal of completing a marathon. Thousands of marathoners are happy with Jiwok, why not you?


  • Jiwok A couple months ago I completed the New York Marathon, and it was almost easy, thanks to J...>>
  • Jiwok I completed my first ever marathon with Jiwok! After my poor effort in the Paris half-...>>
  • Jiwok I just ran my first marathon and finished it in less than 4 hours without any major diffic...>>
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What Jiwok gives you:

  • Your personal marathon trainer accompanied by your music thanks to Maestro Coach
  • A professional sports coach who develops your personal schedule
  • Workouts adapted to your level, whether you are a beginner, advanced or expert
  • Tools for your support and personal follow-up + 2 information booklets on training and nutrition
  • Free Registration